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White Moroccan Berber Rug 100% Lamb Wool (2020s)

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A gorgeous and Majestic Beni Ourain Rug From the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Handwoven by The Women of the of This Area. this Beautiful jewel is 100% Original and High Quality Wool From the local Sheep, Made by Hand With local materials and tools. Very thick and rich, it's also very soft and strong,it is also traditionally used as bedding to keep warm during the cold winter months.This amazing rug will absolutely surprise your guests and Give your House or office a touch of Beauty And Create an Atmosphere of Oriental luxury.Is a Unique Piece, Can Not Find Another One Like it Anywhere Because The berber women do not adhere to a plan or the like just to drawing what is going on rug that can be passed down for generations. A minimal investment for a lifetime of beauty. you can own a piece of this wonderful folk history, you deserve it.
100% Natural Wool.
Perfect condition.
Cleaned before sent to you.

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